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Aleph Tools

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Reverse Hebrew Text

When working with Hebrew text, a common problem is that a text editor will treat the Hebrew as English text, reversing its direction from right-to-left to left-to-right.
This tool can help by mirroring the words, making the first letter the last, and the last the first.
Accepts: Hebrew, English
Output: Hebrew, English in inverted order


Remove Niqqud

This tool removes the niqqud, or vowel markings, from Hebrew text. This can be useful for making text more legible, or for creating text that will be used in a context where the niqqud is not needed.
Niqqud on Wikipedia Ktiv hasar Niqqud on Wikipedia
Accepts: Hebrew
Output: Hebrew without Niqqud


Hebrew to English

If your keyboard was set to type in Hebrew, but you wanted to type in English, you can find yourself frustrated after typing a document and seeing gibberish on the screen. Just paste the text into this tool, and it will automatically translate the Hebrew keycodes into their English equivalents.
Accepts: Hebrew
Output: English


English to Hebrew

If you want to type in English, but see the text appear in Hebrew, this tool will translate the text back into Hebrew keycodes. This can be helpful if you want to type a document in Hebrew, but you forgot to change your keyboard settings.
Accepts: English
Output: Hebrew


Get Hebrew Sum

This is a calculator for the numeric value of Hebrew words or phrases, based on the traditional Jewish method of (Numerology), where each letter of the alphabet has a corresponding number value, essentially assigning a numerical value to a name, word or phrase according to an alphanumerical cipher; for example: the letter Aleph is 1, the letter Beth is 2, and so on.
Gematria on Wikipedia
Accepts: Hebrew
Output: Integer