Curesse Medi Spa


Every day brings challenges that can throw mental - and physical - health into a tailspin. Self-care is lauded by professionals and laymen alike as a necessity during trying times. A medispa is the perfect place to relax, destress, and be taken care of. Today more than ever, the need for enhancing self-care, and self-esteem along with it, is high up on the priority list.

Curesse showcases a harmonious blend of sophistication and warmth, both crucial for the brand's success. The spa specializes in mental and physical wellness, providing peace of mind and space for clients to focus on themselves.

We at D7mtg wanted to achieve an inviting, soft, yet empowering look for the typesetting. We used a lettering style that holds both grace and strength.

We started with a circular shape for the icon to represent the idea of wholeness, completeness, and organization. We drew inspiration from the simple things, the physical space surrounding us: the silhouette of a sofa — a place where we can feel comfortable and at ease, and a leaf — a symbol of rejuvenation and growth.

The slogan "reclaim your glow" is a nod to the idea that life can be overwhelming sometimes but that you can always find joy, excitement, and happiness… if you know where to go.

Curesse medi-spa logo Soft, feminine background, shaddow of leaves. Dark background, leaves texure, with words Reclaim Your Glow. A bottle of sunscreen, blocking its packaging box, saying Made In Aruba with Aloe - UVA/UVB protection. Advertisement saying Feel Your Best and a lot more words, at the side it's singed by Chany Paskes Copy. Clean, nice bathrobe with Curesse icon. Skin color background with the words reclaim your glow. Pool area in Aruba, Orajestadt, saying Curesse.
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