Chany Paskes Copy


Chany Paskes is a creative copywriter who writes attention-grabbing ad campaigns that makes her audiences stop, absorb, and take action.

The underlying theme of this brand is to celebrate effective communication, and how an emotional implementation can provide clarity to consumers.

Books, classical representations of communication, were combined with speech balloons, a more-modern way of denoting speech.
Chany Paskes copywriter logo Advertisement by D7mtg that was placed in Ami Magazine for Chany Paskes with the words: Stop Blinking, Will You?. Abtract chat bubbles rendered in grayscale. Three books in a stack. One chat bubble, and a book, with a plus sign. Wordmark, horizontal, for Chany Paskes Copy. Screenshot of a LinkedIn profile. Banner says All Copy No Paste. Two booklets,on says Preliminary Naming Presentation, the other is obstrcted and can be seen to say Website Copy. MacBook Pro with open in Safari.
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