Vendors is the office pantry food stocking service that brings happiness to work.

We created their new word mark using a soft font that feels warm and friendly and works well with their tagline, happiness, delivered. The icon is a smile in a box, which is the perfect symbol for happiness, and the smile works as an arrow forward, to express the delivery aspect of their service.

We chose to use warm colors, such as red and yellow, to reflect the warm feeling they want to bring to their customers' workplace. The result is a word mark that feels fun and friendly, and a color palette that feels inviting and happy.

We created an array of deliverables, including office plaques and packaging, and all of them are unified to create a consistent look and feel for all of the Vendors' marketing materials, including their print materials and social media.

The new identity is warm, friendly, and inviting, and it reflects the feeling they want to bring to their customers' workplace.

Happiness, delivered.

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