Saffron is a food service renowned for its gourmet meals prepared and delivered with utmost perfection. Our mission with Saffron was to create a brand identity that embodies its sophistication, luxury, and commitment to culinary excellence.

We devised a captivating color scheme, employing deep purples and gold tones that encapsulate the exoticness of the brand's namesake spice, Saffron, and the comfort of a well-prepared meal.

We further developed a unique set of icons and stamps for use across print ads and marketing materials, providing Saffron with a distinct visual language that exudes high-end appeal. The design of the delivery packages reflects Saffron's commitment to quality and service, with a sophisticated and maximalist aesthetic.

A standout feature of our collaboration with Saffron was the development of their website. We built a bespoke online platform that not only showcases Saffron's offerings but also enhances user experience with intuitive navigation and a seamless ordering process.

Gift cards and chef-signed cards were also part of our design package, each thoughtfully designed to encapsulate the personal touch that distinguishes Saffron. The end result is a comprehensive brand identity that truly reflects Saffron's status as a purveyor of premium, gourmet meals.

Photography by Flair.