The One by Hamaspik

Appreciation Event

Hamaspik wanted this Appreciation Event to be a uniquely memorable experience for their employees who are dedicated like no other to their mission.

D7mtg worked with Hamaspik to create a rich experience by designing all deliverables to ensure that the event was visually stunning and memorable.

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Paragraph Services

Special education agency

In a market full of the same, it was crucial to define the uniqueness of this extraordinary brand.

Paragraph is a P3 services provider like no other, with their integrated, holistic approach to education.

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Corporate pantry service

Vendors is the office pantry food stocking service that brings happiness to work.

The new identity is warm, friendly, and inviting, and it reflects the feeling they want to bring to their customers' workplace.

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Chany Paskes Copy

Creative copywriter

Chany Paskes is a creative copywriter who creates attention-grabbing ad campaigns that makes her audiences stop, absorb, and take action.

We crafted a clear, concise, and engaging brand strategy celebrating speech and effective communication.

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Medi spa

Curesse is the type of place you can come to after a long day when you need to destress and detox.

Their visuals are calm and feminine, and their message is simple and clear. Curesse is a safe space for you to relax and unwind.

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Wine and spirits retailer

A wine shop that does things differently.

From hosting luxurious events to creating a unique delivery service, yaayin is a wine and spirits retailer that focuses on creating experiences for their customers.

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